Three Business Grade Phone Services That Are Very CFO Friendly

In my last post I discussed the merits of mobile messaging apps that feature voice. For the most part, those apps are consumer services that business people are making use of as they provide a deeper and more persistent connection to their colleagues, family and friends.

But, what about real business services and the apps that we can use on the go?

While I’m in Europe, I’ve been making great use of three very powerful business services. The three all have their roots in serving the Enterprise and SMB size companies, and all are easy to use, provide fantastic service and work so well over Wi-Fi and 4G/LTE that most of the time I feel like I’m still in Southern California, not halfway around the world in Europe.

Let’s start with how I’ve been staying in touch with my colleagues at Xceptional. While of course we use email and WebEx, there’s time where one on one calling is needed. That’s where the company’s Cisco Call Manager platform comes in, and the mobile Jabber client has been so, so helpful.  With Jabber I can call direct to my colleagues simply by looking them up in the in app contacts screen. If I see they’re online, I use the XMPP connection calling that’s native to the app, and am talking in seconds. If they’re offline I can still reach them on their mobile phones and appear to be calling from my Xceptional extension. Inside the app there’s also chat and a quick connection to WebEx.

Next is Dialpad. Started by the co-founder of GrandCentral, which is now GoogleVoice. Much like Cisco’s Call Manager, DialPad is an enterprise grade telephone service that has taken a very mobile first approach. The service, which works with SIP phones on the desk and apps for Macintosh and Windows PCs real strength is in their approach to mobile. App for iOS and Android turn those devices into full featured handsets, leverage the mobile operator’s LTE/4G/3G networks as well as work very well over Wi-Fi. On an iPad the call quality is deep and rich, and with the newly added features like transcription (Android only today) and call blocking of annoying robocalls, the service has taken a major step forward to being more in the attention management support space.

Last but not least is Telzio. Aimed more at the small to medium business, this cloud based business communications service offers rock solid stability, incredible call quality and unbeatable support. What’s more, their integrations with the Amazon Echo and Slack demonstrate incredible forward thinking. Their pricing that starts at $1.00 a month on the Pay as You Go plan allows any business to be on their feature rich platform almost immediately. Compatible with most leading softphones, Telzio easily compares to Cisco and Dialpad’s service offerings and is a worthy rival to both.
Having used all three services heavily, from as they say “across the pond” each telephony services provider has not failed me at all. Each offer rock solid calling, crystal clear audio and costs that fall in line with any businesses CFO’s budget.


Andy Abramson is Xceptional's Marketing Consultant, long time VoIP industry watcher, and author of VoIPWatch.