TECHNOLOGY: Hidden Cloud Opportunities in 2017

TECHNOLOGY: Hidden Cloud Opportunities in 2017

ERP, CRM, email, dlp, file sharing, workforce optimization, collaboration and communication...In this modern age of IT it has become widely accepted for nearly all organizations to leverage some form of “cloud” technology to meet their current objectives.  

In fact, often companies are using a mashup of these cloud or hybrid cloud solutions.  

At this point the competing elements and decisions to use certain solutions are left to individual staff members to work from a comfort level rather than corporate philosophy or mandate.  As the company becomes more distributed, with staff in multiple branch or remote offices, these challenges plague organizations further.  

The leading culprit here is not the software sales guy, or the well intentioned CEO/COO, who is looking to bridge gaps in process. It’s not the outside contracted MSP that is supporting the the corporation, while navigating a remote teleworkers trouble ticket or helpdesk support issue.

This responsibility lies squarely on the adherence and execution of a “Strategic IT Roadmap” that is developed by an informed and vetted IT Consultant often known as a VCIO (virtual CIO).  

It’s this professional's responsibility to help navigate the organization through the knowledge gap which exists between the people who purchase software/cloud solutions and the people who actually sell software/cloud solutions.  

Developing a well orchestrated cloud technology plan, that addresses the corporate business objectives, governance/compliance/regulatory requirements and projected business changes with targeted direction is really what needs to drive both internal adoption and operation as well as financial efficiencies.  

Nearly all these powerful solutions are designed and optimized to cover the common issues all business require. It’s the 80/20 rule on full display.  That’s why the challenge resides in the divide, that is often unique to each business, and the overlapping solutions when two or more technologies fill the same gaps.
This is where the well informed and experienced consultant, working with a motivated executive team, can outpace the competition with vision and execution on a holisticly designed internal process.



Article by Aric Applefield- Xceptional's "As a Service Guy"