Virtual Whiteboarding is Here

Virtual Whiteboarding is Here

If you grew up with a blackboard in school, you know that the teacher always used the board to provide the headlines and highlights of what was being discussed that day. Eventually, blackboards gave way to whiteboards, and chalk gave way to the dry-erase markers that made the walls so colorful. Then came computers, tablets and smartphones and the ability to whiteboard virtually became a challenge.

The barriers were many. Limitations of HTML. Internet connection speeds. Processing power. Screen refresh rates. The list went on and on. But all that has changed. HTML5. Better browser technology. Faster Internet. Better screens. More power in the palm of your hand has led to the ability to virtually whiteboard from just about anywhere when you’re connected.

Realtime Board is the answer to every whiteboarding master’s dream. Beyond working in the browser, Realtime Board is a collaborative platform that allows multiple team members to be working and contributing to the board at the same time. Armed with a series of templates, Realtime Board makes it easy to get started, and with pricing that starts with FREE, there’s no reason not to be giving it a try.

The usefulness of Realtime Board can’t be understated. It allows for visual ideation and Imagineering exercises to be conducted making it ideal for note taking and brainstorming as the myriad of layouts and formats, plus the ability to create your own makes it easy to get started.

If you use whiteboarding in your daily business, or if you just need an online tool that’s great for stimulating your team or individual creativity, Realtime Board offers a great way to get those juices flowing, and the ideas shared. If your team uses Kanban boards, holds remote meetings, designs web pages, builds product roadmaps or customer journeys, using the virtual whiteboard may be the way to go.

Author Andy Abramson


Andy Abramson is Xceptional's Marketing Consultant, long time VoIP industry watcher, and author of VoIPWatch.