Ending Conference Room Traffic Jams

How many times have you wanted to use a conference room only to find that the room is in use? Or how often have you reserved a time, only to find that some other group is running overtime? Wouldn’t it be great if you could make both the booking and management easier?

Enter YaRooms, the easy to use, all web-based meeting room and office booking system.

YaRooms works with any browser, tablet, phone, and even Microsoft Outlook. Booking a room is as easy as making a calendar item. What’s more, if you have multiple conference rooms, and each room has an owner, it becomes easy to request access, get approval, book the room and notify the participants, as the meeting room will have owners and those with limited users will require approval from the room's owner for each meeting.

That means when a room’s not going to be in use, but appears to be blocked, the owner can grant access versus the team having to leave the building and head to Conference Room S, otherwise known as Starbucks.

One other great feature about YaRooms is the tablet application. Install the software on an iPad or Android Tablet, mount the tablet on or near the conference room door, and the scheduling can occur right there. What’s more, it can be checked on the tablet or via any web browser.

The core strength though of YaRooms is speed. In seconds you can see if a room is available, get reports on room usage and even add your own branding. What’s more, if you share “conference bridges,” you can do the same thing in the virtual world when it comes to scheduling those “conference rooms” as you do in the real world with the physical room.


Andy Abramson is Xceptional's Marketing Consultant, long time VoIP industry watcher, and author of VoIPWatch.