It’s Apple’s Week This Week

It’s Apple’s Week This Week

Every year, like clockwork, Apple holds its Worldwide Developer Conference, bringing developers, engineers, coders, product managers and aspiring app and hardware marketers together, all in one place, for what has to be, one of the business world’s most sacred of gatherings.

Apple is not alone in holding the “Mecca” like pilgrimages. Google has I/O. Amazon has Re:Invent. So does Microsoft. In the IT and telecom world Cisco holds its annual Cisco Live!  Companies like open source based Freeswitch has their boutique conference, ClueCon in Chicago. Asterisk has Astricon, and the list goes on, and on, and on.

But as much hoopla and thunder stealing that the tech brands all strive for, nothing is as anticipated, speculated about, or talked about when it comes to tech gatherings as Apple’s June event.

What started out as a “here’s what we have for developers,” the WWDC has become the debut show of what’s new from Apple, as well as what’s coming later this year. If Fashion Week is where designers show off, then the WWDC is the runway show for tech fashion. If the Detroit Auto Show is where next year’s model gets to be seen, that’s what the WWDC is for Apple.

The conference started today, and from all news reports, Apple is going at it with both barrels as both new hardware and new software is coming, and it’s coming faster than ever. All reports indicate new MacBooks with better and faster processors. A new iPad, with a bigger screen, is also rumored. What we can be sure of though, is the new iOS and MacOS will be showcased. So too will likely be an updated TVos from Apple for Apple TV.

Oh. You won’t have to look far to know what’s going on there. There's enough media and social media coverage that’s already in play, so just check your favorite tech news site, and you’ll know as much as anyone about what Apple has up their sleeves this year.



Andy Abramson is Xceptional's Marketing Consultant, long time VoIP industry watcher, and author of VoIPWatch.