Partner Post: Deep Dive Into HyperFlex With Technical Demos

Hi again!

We are continuing to see incredible customer adoption and interest in technical aspects of HyperFlex. I often get asked on usability of the platform, especially around deployment automation and impact on daily operations. So in this blog I will point you to some cool demos that dig into variety of key aspects of our platform.

Don’t dismiss disaster recovery for 2017

Over the previous months, you’ve probably heard about new and disruptive trends like virtual assistants, smartphones, and automation technologies. Some of these IT solutions may even be placed on top of your business priority list. However, with floods, fires, and power outages just around the corner, disaster recovery and business continuity plans should always have […]

Managed services for cyber security

Ransomware, Trojan horses, spyware and malware are things small businesses like yours don’t ever want to come across. While the term cyber security was once thrown around to scare businesses into purchasing security software, today’s sophisticated threats can leave immense impact, something that antivirus solution alone can’t handle.

Partner Post: Three key factors for making your VDI project a success in 2017

The end of the year is usually a time when we reflect on what we’ve accomplished in the past 12 months and set goals for the upcoming year. One resolution that should be easier to cross off your list in 2017 is to bring new life to your VDI projects.

VDI, or more broadly desktop and application virtualization, is a well-established technology by now and constitutes an important pillar for delivering on the promise of a digital workplace as part of an organization’s overall digital business transformation.

The Services Purge

The usual end of year slowdown is an ideal time to look at the many credit card direct charges that appear on your monthly statement and ask yourself, “am I still using this service?” or more importantly, “do I really need this service now?”

Often we bring on a new product or service because another service we are using lacks a specific feature or component, only to find a few months later that the essential feature has been added in at the next update.