Tools to Keep You From Losing Your Mind If You Lose Your Data

Using the digital world to stay current, connected and in sync with your data is never as easy as it sounds. But today, there are more services than ever before that can make your life easier.

Let’s start with your address book.

If you have an address book of any size, you know that keeping it current is the key to staying in contact with your friends, colleagues, and coworkers.

Blog Post: 2016’s Best CRM Software Options

What are the components of a good CRM software? Must it fit into your budget? Should it be easily navigable? Or must it have a simple interface? All the aforementioned qualities are vital, but none of them are important if they don’t meet all your business’s unique needs.

Partner Post: See new innovations in Cisco Data Center at SAP TechEd

See new innovations in Cisco Data Center at SAP TechEd
by Brian Ferrar - September 13, 2016 

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It’s September and once again time for a very rare happening: an industry trade show in Las Vegas!

Get ready for #SAPTechEd the week of September 19. But unlike other Vegas behavior (you know who you are), we hope this time what happens in Vegas does not stay in Vegas.

VPN Basics

VPN Basics

Do you use a connect to the company server when you leave the office? Do you find yourself using Wi-Fi hotspots in strange places? Is your business doing things that need to remain confidential?

If you answered yes to any or all of those questions, you really need to think about using a VPN. In essence, a VPN creates a direct, private and protected tunnel between you and the company network, or wherever the VPN terminates, encrypting your traffic and providing you the security that what you’re sending and receiving is staying secret.

Partner Blog: The Year We Move Full Speed to Cloud

The Year We Move Full Speed to Cloud

by Gary Wolfson - September 5, 2016 

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It is clear Collaboration has become a strategic driver for Cisco. We are contributing more and more to the company’s profitability, and collaboration is a top priority for Cisco as was apparent from the recent earnings news.