Partner Post: Cybersecurity for Education: Learn from the Experts

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Cybersecurity for Education: Learn from the Experts
Matthew Gibbs - August 8, 2016 - 0 Comments

Previously on the blog, we’ve discussed why cybersecurity is such an important topic in the education space, including the different types of attacks schools, colleges and universities might face, such as ransomware.

Free and Easy Ways to Stay In Touch When You Go Out of The Country

Over the past few weeks, I’ve been working remotely. Very remotely from the UK and France, as part of what has now become an annual “workcation.” A workcation is where you combine your work travel with your vacation, and avoid the other “cation” which I refer to as the “altercation.

Prominent virtualization options for SMBs

Keeping up with tech trends as a small or medium-sized business owner is tough. Virtualization may be a great example of this, but it’s definitely worth the effort. Between the boost to network security and ability to scale your workstations and servers according to your business growth, it’s time to start learning a little more […]

Partner Post: The Data behind Dots: Cisco UC Scores Highest in Gartner Critical Capabilities Report

Note: Xceptional is a proud long-term Cisco partner and Cisco enthusiast! It comes as no surprise to us that Cisco continues to prove itself the best-in-class solution for Unified Communications.

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The Data behind Dots: Cisco UC Scores Highest in Gartner Critical Capabilities Report
Patty Medberry - August 1, 2016 - 3 Comments

 Last week, Gartner named Cisco a leader in its 2016 Magic Quadrant for Unified Communications.

Partner Post: Why the network effect matters: A refresher for the future

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The network effect not only benefits society—it empowers and heightens the voice of individual participants.
JULY 19, 2016

When Alexander Graham Bell placed the world’s first telephone call in the New York spring of 1876, did he fully understand that the greatest thing he invented that day was not the voice call, but the world’s first network?

In addition to extending the reach of one’s voice, could he have foreseen that subsequent networks would someday allow global note exchange, worldwide garage sales, the ability to write history, participate in stock exchanges, attend virtual job fairs, make more informed purchases, or even meet a doctor or college professor “online”?

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Understandably, he couldn’t have.

Partner Post: Cisco Prepares Networking Industry for Transformation to Digital-Ready Networks

Cisco announced it will help engineers, developers, partners and customers embrace a monumental change in how networks are built and managed—preparing the industry for the transition to digital-ready networks. Cisco is also building on the intersection between security and networking with new technologies designed to simplify branch office security and make it more effective.