Who Needs Managed IT Services?

Organizations are being asked to adjust to ever-changing circumstances at lightning speed. How are you keeping up? If your technology is creating problems rather than solving them, you are already running behind. Can you support your new, remote workforce? Do you have a unified IT strategy? Do you know where all your assets are? How […]

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If You Think There’s No Room in Your Budget for Managed IT, Keep Reading…

For a few reasons, many business executives have the wrong idea about the cost of managed IT services. They sometimes think their budgets aren’t big enough, or it won’t get them the coverage they need. We’re here to set the record straight.  Managed IT service is affordable – so much so that you simply cannot […]

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How Managed IT Can Help SMBs Bridge the Security Gap

By Danielle Carpenter, COO and CFO at Xceptional Are you a small or medium-sized business looking to address security? Do you lack the expertise and experience in IT to bridge the security gaps most SMBs have in their IT? More and more, SMBs are choosing to tap an outside resource to fill those needs on […]

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