Did Software Eat the World? Or was it Data Capital?

Marc Andreessen coined the phrase “software is eating the world” almost ten years ago. His proclamation was clairvoyant because it predicted the rise of the digital age and its corresponding impact including the advantageous position the companies who were leading the charge would have.

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Modern Data Protection Provides Essential Support for Successful IT Transformation

In the fourth of a series of blogs inspired by influential research published by industry analyst ESG, we learn how modern data protection strategies, tools and processes enable and support IT Transformation.  Modernizing the IT environment is a fundamental step that companies of all sizes must take on their journey towards achieving IT Transformation – and that […]

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CFOs Need Mavericks to Boost Data Analytics

We are moving from an era of data scarcity to an era of data abundance. This is being driven by the digital age we live in. But data is not made equal, some of it is far less useful or trustworthy than other data. This is a huge challenge for society and our education systems.

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