Partner Post: Transform Your Business Engine

Transform Your Business Engine by Joann Starke – September 22, 2016   Used with the permission of   IT is caught in a perfect storm of far-reaching changes.  It’s all about the user experience.  It is NOT about IT technology.

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Instagram Post of the Week

View this post on Instagram From our Executive Assistant, Nicole Hall: "Coming to work at Xceptional was like being welcomed into a family. It's wonderful to work under a management team that manages to their team members' strengths, and with a team that truly works together for the common benefit of our customers, our staff, […]

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Partner Post: Knowledge sharing key in cybersecurity defense

Maintaining a balance of trust and skepticism is a significant challenge. Education and a basic understanding of how these social engineered exploits are leveraged is a critical first line of defense to support a Cyber Security strategy. Aric Applefield- The as a Service Guy! Knowledge sharing key in cybersecurity defense

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