Head In The Clouds? What Are Your Options

In the market for a cloud provider? Did you know you have choices? While Amazon Web Services (AWS) is the most widely known brand in cloud services, there are other choices out there.

Rackspace has long been a name in managed dedicated hosting. They are also one of the biggest resellers of cloud services reselling AWS, Google Cloud Platform (GCP), VMWare and Microsoft Azure.

Cisco and Broadsoft: What Does It Mean

Earlier this week Cisco made an acquisition, buying telecom infrastructure provider Broadsoft for 1.9 billion dollars, net cash. To many in the telecom world it was a merger of sorts, not so much of equals, but of parts and pieces.

Cisco, long a force in the collaboration world, and the SIP based telecom hardware world is long on telecom related assets and services.

It’s Accounting Time

If you’re still doing your accounting by hand, it’s time to look online. Over the past few years the market, previously dominated by Quickbooks from Intuit, has seen a rise in competition from all corners of the earth.

Accounting online has of course also been made simpler due to faster networks and processors.

Do You Stream?

In the past, the concept of streaming media was fraught with issues. Much like VoIP saw a few years later, audio and video streaming had to overcome latency, packet loss, jitter and buffering.

That was the 90’s and the double aughts. Today, faster networks, processors and better compression makes streaming almost second nature, reminiscent of FM radio, CD’s and cable television.

Data Breaches…The Worst is Yet to Come

Last week the public learned of a data breach of massive proportion from Equifax. A reported 143 million accounts of everyday people in the USA was hacked. Data, including various elements of personal information, was accessed by unauthorized parties, with the company becoming aware of the break-in sometime in late July 2017. If this were the first widespread data breach that affected the US public, it would be concerning.