Redefining data protection

In a world where digital transformation determines winners and losers, businesses continue to create increasingly larger volumes of data, and by way of doing so, have evolved to the point where every organization is now a technology company. Further, it is a time where the most significant source of differentiation an organization has is the data that it keeps.

Data lake vs. data leak

The advent of scalable enterprise search based on (among other things) Lucene-based storage clusters has brought about a renaissance in analytics techniques. Knowledge discovery across the enterprise has become a possibility and many have capitalized on this.

The most pressing data concern in 2019

Around this time every year, I always see an influx of the top trends in technology. It seems like the perennial hot topic is security, with good reason as each year the number of incidents and evolving creativity with which these attacks are orchestrated contribute to an increase in the sheer magnitude of losses.

Server Automation – Your Key to a Faster, Secure, & More Efficient Data Center

There’s a lot of truth to the old saying, “you don’t know what you’ve got ‘til it’s gone.”

Then again, the opposite is often true as well. Sometimes you have no idea what you’re missing until you have it – and then you can’t imagine how you ever lived without it!

There are countless examples of automated products, services, and technology that came along have changed our lives for the better – in ways we could never have imagined before.

Modern Data Protection Provides Essential Support for Successful IT Transformation

In the fourth of a series of blogs inspired by influential research published by industry analyst ESG, we learn how modern data protection strategies, tools and processes enable and support IT Transformation. 

Modernizing the IT environment is a fundamental step that companies of all sizes must take on their journey towards achieving IT Transformation – and that includes the implementation of modern data protection devices and processes.