Advanced anti-phishing features for Gmail

While cybercriminals create new malware strains or look for software vulnerabilities to exploit, other criminal minds happily rely on an old, yet effective, trick: phishing scams. Such scams persist because people still fall for fraudulent email that asks recipients to reveal personal information or download an attachment containing malware.

Gmail gets anti-phishing enhancements

Although hackers continue to develop new viruses and bug exploits, the most effective weapon in their arsenal is a simple email. All a would-be cybercriminal has to do is write a convincing message (or pretend to be a trustworthy entity) to persuade a victim to download a malware-ridden file or surrender their personal information.

Google Continues To Push Forward In The Enterprise Space

This week, Google is hosting its Google Cloud Next Conference in San Francisco where the company is touting its success with establishing itself as an enterprise cloud player while also pushing forward its agenda of digging deeper into this segment. Google’s VP of Cloud, Diane Greene, took to the stage to make the announcements and to highlight the wins for the company during the past year.