Accelerating the power of AI with neural networks

Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Neural Networks Defined
Using the Turing Test as a qualifier, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is defined as a software solution that performs a task on par with a human domain expert. When IBM’s Watson system played Jeopardy with former Jeopardy champions, much of the world saw the first real example of AI. Now, deep learning is enabling solutions that can interpret MRI images on par with doctors and operate buses on par with human drivers (e.g. Las Vegas Self Driving Shuttle).

Machine Learning (ML) is the basic foundation of AI comprised of the algorithms and data sets used to build an AI solution.

AI Has Changed the IT Service Model Forever – Here’s How

We get asked all the time what “AI for IT” really means. Is it just a fancy way of saying “automation”, or is there more to the equation? Why is it so prevalent now?

Well, if we were to put together an “AI for IT” manifesto, it would go something like this:
…IT has never been more important, but IT must do more with less
Every company is a digital company.

Exploring an AI foundation for Networking in the IoT Age

With the soaring number of mobile and IoT devices and onslaught of new apps that businesses are faced with on their wireless network, it is time for innovation that can help IT scale and meet these new requirements. Thankfully, AI and modern cloud platforms built with microservices are evolving to meet these needs, and more and more businesses are realizing that AI is a core component to enable a learning and insightful WLAN. AI can help bring efficiency and cost savings to IT through automation while providing deep insights into user experience, or service-level enforcement.

6 AI Ingredients Every Wireless Networking Strategy Needs

Thanks to advances in AI, companies of all sizes can transform their wireless networking with WiFi that is predictable, reliable and measurable.
Artificial intelligence is all the rage these days. There’s broad consensus that AI is the next game-changing technology, poised to impact virtually every aspect of our lives in the coming years, from transportation to medical care to financial services.

Balancing the Desire for Location Analytics with User Privacy

The Impact that MAC Randomization has on Location Analytics
Bluetooth is a wireless personal area networking standard for exchanging data over short distances. Bluetooth low energy (BLE) (also known as Version 4.0+ of the Bluetooth specification, or Bluetooth Smart) is the power- and application-friendly version of Bluetooth that was built for the Internet of Things (IoT). The power efficiency and low energy functionality make this protocol perfect for battery operated devices.