Managed Services: Get a Comprehensive Resource You Can Count On

Whether you're managing IT on your own, looking for support for your IT staff, or currently trusting a non-IT person with IT, we’re here to help.

Get peace of mind that all your technology works exactly as you need it to. Let us take IT off your plate, so you can get back to business.

Wish Your Technology Would Just… Work?

From internet connectivity to phone calls, point of sale systems, and more, your business runs on IT. But as your business grows, technology challenges often become harder to handle entirely on your own.

Network downtime, cyber security threats, and technology upgrades are only a few of the obstacles that can get in the way of a business like yours. That’s where we come in.

Through our XceptionalCare program, we offer comprehensive managed IT services to offload your technology worries. For less than the monthly cost of a single IT professional, you’ll gain a comprehensive team of engineers that has your back!

With us on your side, choosing, implementing, and managing technology solutions is no longer your burden. Whether you need support for your existing staff or want us to completely manage all of your technology – or both – managed IT services covers every IT need you may have.

XceptionalCare Provides...

  • Complete managed support, both remote and on-site in the San Diego, CA region, to address every need
  • 24x7 monitoring to address network issues before any downtime, and access to live engineers for expert help
  • Performance tuning and WAN optimization so your network functions as best as it can
  • Cloud integration and implementation to modernize your operations and make your business more productive
  • Backup and disaster recovery so your data stays intact in the event of downtime
  • Cyber security audits and remediation so you know where vulnerabilities lie in your business
  • Capacity planning to scale your technology with your growth, and solve problems before they arise

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Get the Support You Need… and All the Equipment, Too!

Life is easier when billing doesn’t get complicated.

That’s why along with managed IT services, we also offer the newest in IT infrastructure hardware and software under an “as a service” monthly payment model. We call this bundle of services and products XceptionalOffice, and we offer it under one monthly subscription price.

With this flexible solution, you can shift IT expenses to a recurring model for better predictability, and you can also leverage cloud infrastructure and apps so you don’t have to worry about maintaining tons of equipment in your business.

With XceptionalOffice, you get:

  • A clear, understandable billing schedule
  • Predictable monthly costs
  • The built-in ability to scale up or down
  • No comparison shopping and more free time

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