Is data science a pre-requisite for AI? The data science & AI hierarchy of success

Note: this is Part 2 of 2 introducing The Data Science & AI Hierarchy of Success. To Read part 1, “Fostering a Data-Driven Culture: The Data Science & AI Hierarchy of Success”, click here.

The prequel to this post established mindset and culture, in the form of Data Literacy and Democratization, as the requisite foundation for achievement at the above levels of the Maslow-inspired framework, The Data Science & AI Hierarchy of Success.

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Accelerating the power of AI with neural networks

Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Neural Networks Defined
Using the Turing Test as a qualifier, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is defined as a software solution that performs a task on par with a human domain expert. When IBM’s Watson system played Jeopardy with former Jeopardy champions, much of the world saw the first real example of AI. Now, deep learning is enabling solutions that can interpret MRI images on par with doctors and operate buses on par with human drivers (e.g. Las Vegas Self Driving Shuttle).

Machine Learning (ML) is the basic foundation of AI comprised of the algorithms and data sets used to build an AI solution.

Demystifying artificial intelligence’s role in contact centers

AI is shaping the future of customer experiences and the contact center.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is creating a lot of excitement and there are good reasons for this. According to Forbes, 50% of IT professionals believe artificial intelligence and machine learning are playing a role in cloud computing adoption, growing to 67% by 2020. This week I will be speaking at UC Expo about the role that artificial intelligence is playing in advancing contact center productivity and efficiency, and in particular how this is benefiting the agent and customer experience.

How AI can shape the future of VoIP

AI-driven applications and cloud-based services have brought significant enhancements to many organizations. As time goes by, these technologies will become a necessity, especially when it comes to VoIP telephony, and here’s why. Contact center operations Highly automated VoIP technology enables businesses to manage their call centers easily and reduce the need for human intervention For […]

Do you Trust that (Data) Model?

As George Box noted several decades ago, “All Models are essentially wrong, but some are useful”.  The work of statistical analysis, and its modern day derivatives of Machine Learning and Deep Learning, continue to be bold attempts at capturing what are essentially complex activities into a much simpler set of equations, even if those equations themselves often seem esoteric and complex.

Fortifying Foundations – The Secret to Amplifying AI in the Digital Age

As any architect worth his brick and mortar will tell you, a solid foundation is the key to achieving the desired outcome of any substantial structure. This is certainly true when it comes to implementing a successful digital transformation with an eye toward maximizing the benefits of artificial intelligence and all of the other new technologies now available.

AI Has Changed the IT Service Model Forever – Here’s How

We get asked all the time what “AI for IT” really means. Is it just a fancy way of saying “automation”, or is there more to the equation? Why is it so prevalent now?

Well, if we were to put together an “AI for IT” manifesto, it would go something like this:
…IT has never been more important, but IT must do more with less
Every company is a digital company.