Why you need both monitoring and observability

It’s no secret that application environments are certainly not getting any simpler.

From the complexity of the mix of applications to manage (there is indeed an app for everything!) to the complexity of building and deploying those apps (microservices, containers and the burgeoning DevOps/cloud-native ecosystem) to the complexity of the delivery infrastructure (mobile, virtual, cloud, SaaS), IT is faced with more apps, systems and platforms than ever to keep up and running in peak condition.

Predictions 2019: Digital Technologies Shift from Visions to Realities

In 2018, the buzz in business was all about digital transformation technologies—everything from artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) to hybrid cloud, blockchain and the Internet of Things (IoT). That buzz won’t cease in 2019—but the chatter around these technologies may become more refined, with less of a focus on what the technologies are and more on how they will be applied to have the most impact on business.

The Rise of Deep Learning in the Enterprise

In a recent IDC report IT decision makers believe 75% of enterprises applications will use AI by 2021. Artificial Intelligence is not a new solution in fact we have seen various cycles of excitement followed by lulls. What makes this cycle any different? Two words: Deep Learning
What is deep learning?
The early stages of World War II brought about many challenges.

Pandas, Caviar, and Deep Learning

Analytics is redefining the world. Data is the new oil. Artificial intelligence (AI) is everywhere

It feels like we hear some variant of these phrases too often. But there is a reason why such statements have become so pervasive. Data has quickly become the most valuable and differentiating asset for many organizations as it opens up new revenue streams and unearths opportunities for improvement in almost every part of an organization.

Cloud Unfiltered, Episode 46: Succeeding with Cloud, DevOps, and Big Data Initiatives

Do you ever wish you could just bring someone in that would tell you how to do this whole cloud thing right? A person with the expertise to explain where you should focus your energy, which technologies you should adopt, and how to change your company culture? Someone who already knows where the potholes on this cloud journey lie and who is equipped to steer you around them?

Of course you do.

6 AI Ingredients Every Wireless Networking Strategy Needs

Thanks to advances in AI, companies of all sizes can transform their wireless networking with WiFi that is predictable, reliable and measurable.
Artificial intelligence is all the rage these days. There’s broad consensus that AI is the next game-changing technology, poised to impact virtually every aspect of our lives in the coming years, from transportation to medical care to financial services.

How Collaboration and a Multi-Cloud Strategy Can Accelerate Your Digital Transformation

It’s amazing to think that within my lifetime I will travel to work in a self-driving car; I’ll have conversations with my fridge about what’s for dinner; and I’ll receive customer service from Artificial Intelligence (AI)-powered chat bots. Developments in technology are taking these once-fictional scenarios and planting them in our very near future.