The Impact on Network Security Through Encrypted Protocols – QUIC

I have already written about two secure protocols that are impacting our network security.

The first was HTTP/2, the second one was TLS 1.3. Both posts can be found here:


Today I want to talk about another very important protocol, it is called QUIC.

QUIC stands for QUICK UDP INTERNET CONNECTIONS. It is an experimental protocol designed and deployed by Google.

The impact on network security through encrypted protocols – TLS 1.3

This post is the second part of my series around the impact of encrypted protocols on network security. You can find the first article about HTTP/2 here:

Now let us focus on the new and upcoming specification of TLS 1.3. It is important to understand what advantages TLS 1.3 brings to us, but also what is the impact on certain parts of our network security: firewalls and transparent proxy systems.