Is SD-WAN the new MPLS?

As SD-WAN adoption matures and moves from “peak of inflated expectation” to “slope of enlightenment”, a question that I hear and many technologist ponder over is whether SD-WAN is the new MPLS. If you asked this question to a distinguished engineer they would violently disagree at a technical level comparing the difference from an OSI layer and packet/protocol formats perspective.

Cloud Unfiltered, Episode 46: Succeeding with Cloud, DevOps, and Big Data Initiatives

Do you ever wish you could just bring someone in that would tell you how to do this whole cloud thing right? A person with the expertise to explain where you should focus your energy, which technologies you should adopt, and how to change your company culture? Someone who already knows where the potholes on this cloud journey lie and who is equipped to steer you around them?

Of course you do.

Putting Reliability at the Forefront of Network Engineering

In March, I had the pleasure of co-presenting at Open Networking Summit about Network Reliability Engineering, and had several awesome discussions around the conference about the impact automation is having on our industry. How are we supposed to keep up with all of the SDN, NFV, Intent-based Networking, and automation news we see every day.

Seven Deadly Deceptions of Network Automation

The greatest deception men suffer is from their own opinions. - Leonardo da Vinci

“Network automation does not an automated network make.” Those same words started my formative pieceon DevNetOps. It reasoned that we must elevate DevOps culture, processes and principles above technology, end random acts of network automation, and instead pursue holistically automated network engineering and operations.

The Fourth Network Revolution

We stand in the midst of a technological revolution. The complexity, scale, and more importantly, the pace, are unlike anything humankind has experienced before. The speed of current technological breakthroughs is disrupting almost every industry in every country while the breadth and depth of these disruptions are fundamentally altering the way we live, work, and communicate with each other.