Making cyber security a part of the smart city process

The rapid and inevitable hyper connectivity manifesting in the evolving digital world, while opening up massively impressive opportunities, leave many organizations exposed to new entry points where nefarious cyber actors can inflict damage. Recently, we just watched this unfold across the world with a major ransomware attack known as ‘WannaCry’. However, even as high profile cyber-attacks like WannaCry become more and more frequent, security initiatives are still not up to par.

Smart decisions make smart cities

Digital transformation is about technology. But, when it comes to creating sustainable smart cities, it is important to understand uniqueness, what makes the community tick and keeps people happily and proudly living there. Through the secure connectivity of digital transformation, cities and communities can become smarter and more connected, while also reinforcing and reflecting the city’s soul rather than submitting to impersonal or homogenized change.

Why Do Factories Need a Digital-Ready Infrastructure?

Digital transformation, digital business, digitization, digital disruption. There are countless ways to phrase it, but it boils down to this. When digital technologies enable new business models, that’s digital transformation. Digital factory initiatives are generating incredible business outcomes, and at the core there’s a common denominator—a digital-ready infrastructure.

Partner Post: 3 Insights on Digital Business Transformation and Software Support

I recently had the pleasure of joining a twitter #CiscoChat co-hosted by @CiscoServices and Zeus Kerravala @zkerravala of ZK Research. We started the chat to debate the pros and cons of software support, but as we dove into the costs of downtime, it became evident there was no debate.