Are EHRs useful?

The healthcare industry is embracing the use of electronic health records (EHRs). It advances a new type of data management system that aims to improve on traditional paper-based ways. But will it? What is an electronic health record? An electronic health record (EHR) is an individual’s official health document accessible via mobile devices such as […]

Security challenges in healthcare IoT

The Internet of Things (IoT) has the potential to revolutionize the healthcare industry. But as with any new technology, it also brings a slew of security risks healthcare professionals need to address. Devices that contain a treasure trove of patient data are attractive targets for cybercriminals.

The new essential device for healthcare

Last week, I had a scare.

It was late afternoon and I had just picked my daughter up from preschool. As I helped her get buckled into her carseat, I rested my phone on the roof of the car — just for a second — to free up my hands. Fast-forward about five minutes into our journey, and I remembered with a jolt — the phone was still on the roof of the (now moving) car! My mind raced: Had I heard a thud? Was the phone now strewn across the road in a million pieces, smashed by a two-ton truck? Panicked, I looked for a safe spot to pull over.

Industries that need virtual desktops

Apart from the cloud, one of today’s biggest IT trends is virtualization. And why not, it has helped countless businesses in more ways than one. An emerging model of virtualization is virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI), which involves hosting a desktop operating system and making it available on almost any device.

See. Hear. Reason. Analyze. Decide: How close are we to AI in healthcare?

It’s easy to get excited (and maybe a little nervous) about artificial intelligence (AI). In the simplest sense, AI is an advanced capability of machines to learn from what it experiences and make inferences from data – similar to how a brain processes information[1]. It’s a big shift from healthcare’s trial and error approach to apply AI’s vast processing power, ability to simulate different outcomes, and make decisions.

The IoT Put to Practical Use: From Projects to Business Models

Although the Internet of Things (IoT) is making massive strides, development of the associated technology – which, in my opinion, numbers among the most exciting IT innovations over the past few decades – is still in its early stages. We still don’t know where the IoT will take us, but analysts have yet to revise their predictions for IoT development.

Medical device security: Three ways you can act to reduce the risk

If 2017 was about ransomware attacks, 2018 will be about cyber attacks on the Internet of Things (aka medical devices). As we begin the year, that’s the message we’re hearing from a number of sources.

This should come as no surprise to those of us in the healthcare industry, given the recent attention on devices such as pacemakers, which were the focus of an FDA recall last year (and the topic of our number one most read healthcare blog).

Device security is a complex problem, partly because there is no industry-standard operating system for products such as insulin pumps, CT scanners, pacemakers, and the like.