Speed, Scale, Reliability and the Pursuit of Programmability

As networking moves from monolithic to disaggregated infrastructure, the necessity of programmability has become existential, be it physical or software-defined networks (SDN). A common thread runs through these movements: the need for control.

As the notion of control continues to evolve, it will drive significant changes to the systems that form the foundations of the network.

Take a Leap into the 21st Century of IoT

When Campofrio Food Group’s 17-year-old factory in Burgos, Spain, famously burned to the ground, the multinational meat processor turned tragedy into opportunity. With an eye on digital transformation, Campofrio rebuilt the facility as a connected factory, powered by the Internet of Things (IoT). This allowed the state-of-the-art, greenfield meat packing plant to automate processes and provide real-time data on materials, equipment and workers to uncover new business value.

How Collaboration and a Multi-Cloud Strategy Can Accelerate Your Digital Transformation

It’s amazing to think that within my lifetime I will travel to work in a self-driving car; I’ll have conversations with my fridge about what’s for dinner; and I’ll receive customer service from Artificial Intelligence (AI)-powered chat bots. Developments in technology are taking these once-fictional scenarios and planting them in our very near future.

What’s Innovation? Learning to Love Failure

Anyone rummaging around in search of innovation in the annals of economics will inevitably end up running into Joseph Schumpeter. The political economist was already aware of the fact that innovation is the critical dimension of success more than 100 years ago (1).

But although it appears straightforward on the surface, it isn’t. Scratch the surface and you will always encounter the ‘creative destruction’ he popularized back then: Companies need to constantly innovate and incessantly question their existence to maintain their position on the market.

Five to Thrive in a Disruptive Environment: Part 2

In my previous blog, I introduced the concept of Five to Thrive. These leadership tips can help you navigate a world of astounding change and mind-boggling opportunities. And, hopefully, avoid the risks and threats hiding around every corner.

To learn about the first three—Recognize the Source of Value, Take Action Against Blind Spots, and Stop Failing Fast—visit my previous blog.