Cisco Spark and Webex Platform Convergence: More than a Rebrand

This week at Cisco’s Collaboration Summit in Phoenix, we made a series of significant announcements regarding the convergence of the Cisco Webex and Spark platforms. This included a new Webex Meetings application, a new Webex Teams application (formerly known as Cisco Spark), the new Webex Assistant, and the Webex Share hardware device.

Partner Post: It’s Your Turn to Leave Your Mark (with Cisco Spark)

Yesterday was a big day in the world of Cisco Spark. We announced enhancements to the base platform and interface, a new endpoint in the form of Cisco Spark Board, and more. In a development environment in which we’re constantly iterating and improving our products, it’s exciting when we have so much to say that we need to proclaim it from the mountaintop.