Realities of the modern datacenter

Businesses are constantly evolving and repositioning themselves as they pursue new revenue streams and efficiencies. In our technology-driven world, this evolution typically involves modern IT applications and data streams. IDC believes that these new enterprise workloads are shifting towards an infrastructure-agnostic model that extends from edge to core to cloud.

Resources Outline the New Essentials for Data Center Design

Earlier this year, Forrester conducted research into the data center networking market. In the report titled The Forrester Wave™: Hardware Platforms for Software-Defined Networking, Q1 2018, lead research analyst Andre Kindness looked at a number of criteria split across current offerings, strategy, and market presence.

Edge and fog computing: Cutting through the haze (Part 1)

Michael Crichton’s 1973 sci-fi movie, Westworld, may be where the initial concept of edge and fog computing (as well as the computer virus) first came to life. In the film, androids appeared to operate using an early form of automated response. But the edge and fog we know today, are much more evolved approaches that are actively helping government improve the quality of our everyday lives.

IDC analyst Part 1: How to make multi-cloud work for government

Guest Blogger: Adelaide O’Brien, Research Director, Government Digital Transformation Strategies at IDC

Through her work at IDC, Adelaide drives better understanding of the full scope of efforts needed for digital transformation. This includes focusing on innovative technologies like Big Data, AI, cognitive, and cloud in the context of government.

The Growing Complexity with IoT, Cloud, and the Edge

The convergence of the Internet of Things (IoT), edge, and cloud has changed how enterprises balance core applications and processing capabilities between public clouds and the edge. Remote branch offices, manufacturing sites, and retail stores are no longer just connecting through a centralized WAN – a good majority of these connections are happening in the cloud.