Security Prediction 3: DDoS via IoT – the first wave of attacks?

In the last year, we’ve all heard of the Mirai malware, but did you know that Mirai is Japanese for ‘the future’? And that’s what I believe we are seeing: The future of cyber-attacks.

This doesn’t mean that everything else goes away. There will still be phishing attacks, socially engineered access and advanced persistent threats, but these are costly to develop and with distributed denial of service (DDoS) in IoT, the bad guys seem to have found a simple and successful business model to raise needed funds:

Develop malware --> Use in high profile attack --> Monetise threats with service model

There’s no law of supply and demand on the Dark Net; threats exist as code and can be downloaded, modified and used by any number of people.

Partner Post: Will the Enterprise Welcome Connected Devices?

IoT is everywhere. There are around 15 billion connected devices in the world today. Putting it bluntly, that equals billions of opportunities to launch a cyber-attack. I’m sure we all saw the news at the end of 2016 when IoT cameras were infected with the Mirai malware and turned into ‘bots that were used to disable websites and Internet services.

The impact on network security through encrypted protocols – TLS 1.3

This post is the second part of my series around the impact of encrypted protocols on network security. You can find the first article about HTTP/2 here:

Now let us focus on the new and upcoming specification of TLS 1.3. It is important to understand what advantages TLS 1.3 brings to us, but also what is the impact on certain parts of our network security: firewalls and transparent proxy systems.

Microsoft Office 365 ravaged by ransomware

Many users feel safe behind their monitors and why shouldn’t they? With the myriad of IT security measures available out there, it’s easy to make any device feel like Fort Knox. What many people underestimate though, is the tenacity and relentless determination which cyber criminals have when searching for the tiniest loophole they can find […]

Partner Post: Cybersecurity for Education: Learn from the Experts

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Cybersecurity for Education: Learn from the Experts
Matthew Gibbs - August 8, 2016 - 0 Comments

Previously on the blog, we’ve discussed why cybersecurity is such an important topic in the education space, including the different types of attacks schools, colleges and universities might face, such as ransomware.