Manufacturers concerned about PC shortage

The world’s largest computer manufacturers are growing concerned about the shortage of computer chips. Even though the issue was reported back in September 2018, Intel is still having trouble meeting the demand. So, what’s the cause of the major PC shortage and what does it mean for businesses? Reasons for the shortage There are many […]

Benefits of using a VPN

While using a virtual private network or VPN isn’t a silver bullet to online privacy threats, it still offers crucial security benefits, especially if any part of your day involves using unsecured channels such as public Wi-Fi. Given its importance, how do you pick the right one and what factors do you need to consider? […]

Virtualization vs. Cloud Technology (for business): Spotting The Differences

Are virtualization and Cloud technology adequate for your business? Do you know the difference? Experts consider the word 'Cloud' as a generic term, while 'virtualization' is often mistaken for Cloud technology. Although the two are similar, they are not interchangeable and the difference is important enough to influence business decisions.