The Results are In – The Federal Wireless Experience is Terrible

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Today’s federal IT networks are at a crossroads. For too long, government networks have been locked into old technology and have not had the budget to innovate. Current systems are delivering a poor experience – for both end users and IT teams – that prevent technology from enabling the mission as it should.

Cisco’s Annual Cybersecurity Report: Impacts on Government

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Cyber attacks against government are growing

In our just released 2018 Annual Cybersecurity Report: Impacts on Government, we found that cyber attacks against agencies across the U.S. are increasing every day. From ransomware and distributed denial of service (DDoS) to IoT botnets and cryptojacking, the mix of threats are also becoming more lethal.

The IoT Put to Practical Use: From Projects to Business Models

Although the Internet of Things (IoT) is making massive strides, development of the associated technology – which, in my opinion, numbers among the most exciting IT innovations over the past few decades – is still in its early stages. We still don’t know where the IoT will take us, but analysts have yet to revise their predictions for IoT development.

Making cyber security a part of the smart city process

The rapid and inevitable hyper connectivity manifesting in the evolving digital world, while opening up massively impressive opportunities, leave many organizations exposed to new entry points where nefarious cyber actors can inflict damage. Recently, we just watched this unfold across the world with a major ransomware attack known as ‘WannaCry’. However, even as high profile cyber-attacks like WannaCry become more and more frequent, security initiatives are still not up to par.

Smart decisions make smart cities

Digital transformation is about technology. But, when it comes to creating sustainable smart cities, it is important to understand uniqueness, what makes the community tick and keeps people happily and proudly living there. Through the secure connectivity of digital transformation, cities and communities can become smarter and more connected, while also reinforcing and reflecting the city’s soul rather than submitting to impersonal or homogenized change.