Scaling the collaboration experience

Work-Anywhere, Work-Anytime Era
When it comes to scaling a cloud service (and more specifically) a collaboration cloud service – what must-haves comes to mind? For me, it’s a vendor and service that has experience with millions of users, millions of calls and meetings, billions of messages, 99.999 percent reliability, and a whole lot of geek talk.

Cisco Spark and Webex Platform Convergence: More than a Rebrand

This week at Cisco’s Collaboration Summit in Phoenix, we made a series of significant announcements regarding the convergence of the Cisco Webex and Spark platforms. This included a new Webex Meetings application, a new Webex Teams application (formerly known as Cisco Spark), the new Webex Assistant, and the Webex Share hardware device.

All Your Business Collaboration Needs In One Place

Have you ever been frustrated because you can't get a hold of a colleague who is out of the office? You misplaced their cell number and just have a quick question to ask as to better make a decision? With Cisco Spark's always-on messaging, audio and video capabilities, you can message, call or video conference anywhere on any device, making it easier to get a hold of the person of the hour.

How can technology improve your NPI process?

Henry Ford wasn’t the first person to build a car. He was, however, a pioneer in creating the Model T, a car that was affordable for the average consumer. It took years to develop and prototype this model—and, at the same time, to revolutionize the manufacturing process that led to the moving assembly line.

Comparing Hangouts and Skype

Google and Microsoft have made huge strides with their communication solutions, Hangouts Meet and Skype for Business. Both products offer text, voice, and video chat, but each has unique features suited for specific businesses. To help you make a decision about which solution to install, we compare Hangouts Meet and Skype for Business features so […]