Industries that need virtual desktops

Apart from the cloud, one of today’s biggest IT trends is virtualization. And why not, it has helped countless businesses in more ways than one. An emerging model of virtualization is virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI), which involves hosting a desktop operating system and making it available on almost any device.

The cloud and virtualization, simplified

Cloud computing and virtualization are similar but not interchangeable. Both have their own benefits, so it’s worth learning how each technology works. With this knowledge, you can make the most out of your technology investment. Virtualization Imagine a company with five servers, each assigned a single task such as storage, email, etc.

Windows Server gets a big upgrade

Despite measurable impacts on the bottom line, most business owners don’t get excited about the release of server software. Microsoft is doing its best to change that with Windows Server 2019, a brand new operating system that includes an impressive list of features.

The Collateral Damage of DDoS Attacks – Part 1. What is what

ISP networks are part of the backbone of the Internet—and carry any and every security threat. Most threats are not considered by the ISP, since they do not harm their own infrastructure, they are just another packet flow. While this is true for application-level and state-exhaustion DDoS attacks, ransomware infection, malware distribution, and so on, there are exceptions, such as volumetric DDoS attacks.

Choosing the right virtualization strategy

Just because virtualization is an incredibly advanced and complicated technology doesn’t mean small businesses can’t get in on the action. As experts debate the merits of virtual desktops versus containers, all SMBs need are an elementary understanding of how virtualization works and an IT provider.

PwC research suggests change is coming: How will enterprises navigate?

In 2017, PwC conducted research with the primary objective of identifying what the major drivers in data center networking were. That research, made up of more than 250 responses from CIOs and IT leaders at large enterprises around the globe, suggested that the top priorities have shifted as IT charges towards cloud.

PwC Research: The Cloud Will Block Out the Sun

PwC Research: The Cloud Will Block Out the Sun

Previously, I had posted a blog about the results of PwC research about the changing design criteria for data center networking. Follow-on blogs detailed the insights gleaned from that research. Namely, security has risen to the top position in IT priorities for data center networking, and automation is firmly entrenched as the number two.