WiFi’s new 6 GHz spectrum is a new frontier

The world’s wireless systems are getting huge upgrades this year and next: 5G cellular is beginning its rollout, with the promise of much faster speeds; and WiFi is getting a big upgrade too, with the release of WiFi 6 devices that will give us not just better speed, but better battery life and reliability.

Why WiFi 6 and 5G are different: Physics, economics, and human behavior

It is an exciting time in wireless networking. The two most-used wireless technologies in the world are getting an upgrade, and the changes could affect nearly every technology-using human on Earth.

Wi-Fi, or local wireless, is undergoing a major advance, to Wi-Fi 6. Cellular, or mobile networking, is getting upgraded to 5G. These improvements will open new opportunities for businesses and new capabilities for users.

I’m not tired of WiFi! Are you?

Are you tired of watching funny cat or dog videos yet? How about your favorite TV show or a movie on your smart TV or personal devices? Or playing Fortnite? Or being able to grab your laptop and take it with you to the meeting to project those slides you (just) finished (whew!)? Or asking your talking home “assistant” for a weather report or recipe?  Or having a WebEx meeting with remote colleagues using video technology?  How about checking your email while you are waiting on a flight? Or viewing your home security cameras? Or re-setting your thermostat remotely?

Not only are you not tired of it, but you are doing more of it.