WiFi’s new 6 GHz spectrum is a new frontier

The world’s wireless systems are getting huge upgrades this year and next: 5G cellular is beginning its rollout, with the promise of much faster speeds; and WiFi is getting a big upgrade too, with the release of WiFi 6 devices that will give us not just better speed, but better battery life and reliability.

Will you put UPS in your network equipment?

When a power outage occurs, smart business owners use an emergency power system to keep workstations from suddenly shutting down. This prevents data loss and keeps computers operational. Connecting your networking equipment to an uninterruptible power supply (UPS) system will also keep your employees productive during a power outage.

I’m not tired of WiFi! Are you?

Are you tired of watching funny cat or dog videos yet? How about your favorite TV show or a movie on your smart TV or personal devices? Or playing Fortnite? Or being able to grab your laptop and take it with you to the meeting to project those slides you (just) finished (whew!)? Or asking your talking home “assistant” for a weather report or recipe?  Or having a WebEx meeting with remote colleagues using video technology?  How about checking your email while you are waiting on a flight? Or viewing your home security cameras? Or re-setting your thermostat remotely?

Not only are you not tired of it, but you are doing more of it.

WiFi 6 powers real-world wireless enterprise applications

Simplifying a complex technology is always a worthwhile process, even when it just involves a naming convention. For example, now we can stop trying to remember an alphabet soup of numbers and letters like 802.11ax and can simply say Wi-Fi 6. While the name change is welcome, it’s the innovations that the latest wireless standard brings to enterprise networks that will make a significant difference in your journey to digital business transformation.

Black Friday and Cyber Monday of the Future: What’s “in Store” for Us?

Many of you may know the background of Black Friday being a term used for the first shopping day after Thanksgiving. The reason for the name varies depending on where you look, or who you ask. Anything from it being the first time that retailers finally start to show a profit for the calendar year, to the traffic chaos on the roads, or even the less than orderly behavior of shoppers scrambling for bargains.

What is all the 802.11ax Hype About?

Over the past two decades, we have witnessed massive advancements in Wi-Fi technology. The six different wireless standards have brought ever faster speeds and greater functionality. From 802.11 delivering 2Mbps connectivity to 802.11ac delivering up to 3.47Gbps, the industry has come a long way.