WiFi 6 powers real-world wireless enterprise applications

Simplifying a complex technology is always a worthwhile process, even when it just involves a naming convention. For example, now we can stop trying to remember an alphabet soup of numbers and letters like 802.11ax and can simply say Wi-Fi 6. While the name change is welcome, it’s the innovations that the latest wireless standard brings to enterprise networks that will make a significant difference in your journey to digital business transformation.

Quick guide to choosing a mouse

The good ol’ two-button mouse just won’t cut it anymore. They’re unresponsive, uncomfortable, and the cord somehow ties itself up every time you put it in your bag. However, buying a new mouse can be confusing, so if you’re having difficulty picking the right one, here are some things you should keep in mind.

The new essential device for healthcare

Last week, I had a scare.

It was late afternoon and I had just picked my daughter up from preschool. As I helped her get buckled into her carseat, I rested my phone on the roof of the car — just for a second — to free up my hands. Fast-forward about five minutes into our journey, and I remembered with a jolt — the phone was still on the roof of the (now moving) car! My mind raced: Had I heard a thud? Was the phone now strewn across the road in a million pieces, smashed by a two-ton truck? Panicked, I looked for a safe spot to pull over.

What is all the 802.11ax Hype About?

Over the past two decades, we have witnessed massive advancements in Wi-Fi technology. The six different wireless standards have brought ever faster speeds and greater functionality. From 802.11 delivering 2Mbps connectivity to 802.11ac delivering up to 3.47Gbps, the industry has come a long way.

The Results are In – The Federal Wireless Experience is Terrible

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Today’s federal IT networks are at a crossroads. For too long, government networks have been locked into old technology and have not had the budget to innovate. Current systems are delivering a poor experience – for both end users and IT teams – that prevent technology from enabling the mission as it should.

6 AI Ingredients Every Wireless Networking Strategy Needs

Thanks to advances in AI, companies of all sizes can transform their wireless networking with WiFi that is predictable, reliable and measurable.
Artificial intelligence is all the rage these days. There’s broad consensus that AI is the next game-changing technology, poised to impact virtually every aspect of our lives in the coming years, from transportation to medical care to financial services.

High-Efficiency Wireless is Coming

Sometime after 2019 Wi-Fi will get a massive speed bump. At present, the fastest theoretical throughput from Wi-Fi routers operating on the 802.11ac standard is 1.3 GBPS. By 2019 with the advent of 802.11ax the speeds will be as little as three times as fast, starting at 3.5 GBPS. With MIMO you can then multiply that by four to receive a maximum theoretical bandwidth of 14 Gbps.