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The Xceptional Story

Xceptional was founded in 2007 under the direction and leadership of Chris McKewon, Chief Architect and CEO. Chris began his career in the early nineties before the emergence of the Internet and many of the technologies taken for granted today. Chris found that organizations didn’t understand technology well enough to see its benefit to them. This opportunity launched Chris into a career in Information Technology, and provided Xceptional with a clear focus on building value and sustaining relationships. Over the years, Xceptional has strategically evolved its portfolio and service offerings to align with the dynamic needs of the market. In a significant move in 2022, Xceptional expanded its regional presence into Colorado through the acquisition of Altitude Integrations.   

Strong engineering and product knowledge, vendor relationships, consulting, and managed services are geared to SMB and Enterprise companies across a broad cross-section of verticals (Healthcare, Biotech, Pharma, Hospitality, Financial Services, Real Estate, Education, Non-Profits). The Xceptional team works hard to establish “Trusted Advisor” relationships with its clients, and to implement turnkey collaborative solutions addressing a client’s total needs.

Xceptional, however, is so much more than its Product and Service Offerings. Xceptional’s professional success is built around a very unique company culture that attracts, trains and retains the highest level of employees. Company Management views its employees as its most important asset and, at Xceptional, eclectic personalities meld. Xceptional works hard, plays hard and always shows appreciation for a job well done. Learn more and stay up to date with our Xceptional Newsletter.

Xceptional has created an “extended family” atmosphere that is sensitive to both personnel and personal issues, and provides a flexible work environment. Employees care about the company’s success, and Xceptional enables their success by providing opportunities to grow professionally within defined career paths.

The Company fosters a team spirit where employees naturally share their intellectual knowledge and support one another; this enhances and accelerates cross-training and professional growth. All team members are encouraged to communicate their ideas, observations, and suggestions, creating an environment where employees know they’ll be heard and know they can make a difference.

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