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Work With a Managed Services Provider With Xceptional Value 

Whether your company wants to take a holistic approach to managed IT services or just wants to supplement your internal IT team, Xceptional provides the services you need using a pricing model that fits your budget. We deliver managed services at a great value, with the most impact, and with an accelerated return on investment.

To help your company find the right mix of managed IT services at the right price, we are offering the opportunity to request a quote. 

What to Expect 

  1. Fill out the form to tell us a little bit about your business.
  2. An Xceptional Account Manager will follow up to schedule your 30-minute Discovery Meeting​.
  3. After the Discovery Meeting, participate in a 60-minute Assessment with an IT Engineer during which you will take a deep dive into your existing architecture, pain points, and more.​ 
  4. Based on a review of the Assessment, the Xceptional team will put together your custom quote and pricing and set up a follow-up conversation to discuss it with you. 

Fill out the form to request a quote.

Our Managed IT Services

Xceptional offers a wide variety of services, including:


Remote and local infrastructure management support


24/7 Monitoring


Cloud computing integration and implementation


Backup and recovery


Cybersecurity technologies


Capacity planning

“Xceptional’s team impressed us with their thoroughness, attention to detail, and level of commitment. They went above and beyond, providing key solutions at every turn with a can-do attitude.”

-- Michael Limber, Project Manager, Secura Bio

Our Managed IT Services Pricing Models

Xceptional offers two pricing models so you can take advantage of affordable managed IT services that work the way you want them to.


Device-Based Pricing

  • Best for companies with a small number of end-user devices
  • Offers flexibility by paying to monitor specific devices and fix issues
  • Risk leaving potential security gaps if coverage is not all-inclusive
  • May not be cost-effective if employees have several devices each


User-Based Pricing

  • All-inclusive with monitoring and maintenance
  • Includes comprehensive onsite and remote support
  • Makes it easy to add new employees by simply adding a user
  • May cost more if you decide to use your own cyber security platforms

Our Silver, Gold, and Platinum levels include Virtual Chief Information Officer (vCIO) and procurement assistance. If you choose to use Xceptional to perform services outside of the scope of your managed services contract, you will receive a contracted discount rate.​ 


Prices range according to how much technology we'll be managing for you as well as your business size.

As an example: a small business with 20 employees can get monitoring, service, and support for desktops/laptops, phones, servers, network, and WiFi for around $2500/month. This includes unlimited service tickets Monday - Friday from 7am - 6pm with on-site San Diego managed IT assistance included if needed.

By contracting with Xceptional for managed services, you receive a host of benefits that includes:

  • Proactive monitoring and alerting (we will tell you your network is down before you even realize it – and already be started on a fix!)
  • Contracted response time (managed services clients always go to the front of the line!)
  • Virtual Chief Information Officer services

Xceptional was founded in 2007.

We’ve worked with companies in the financial, medical, hospitality, biotech, and government verticals – to name a few. We’re always happy to provide references upon request.

Xceptional provides:

  • Proactive monitoring and alerting
  • Reactive and emergency response for desktop and applications, networking and wifi
  • Unified communications and collaboration tools (basically anything that you use to communicate!)
  • Servers and storage
  • Mobile device management.

Our Silver, Gold, and Platinum levels include Virtual Chief Information Officer (vCIO) and procurement assistance. Additionally, should you choose to use Xceptional to perform services outside of the scope of your managed services contract, you will receive a contracted discount rate.

For example, if you signed an MSP contract with us for your phones, but you need to do a server refresh, this project wouldn't be covered under your contract because it’s solely for your phones. However, we would give you a discount for the server work because you have an MSP contract with us.

To proceed, we would provide a quote detailing the costs, discount, and scope of work for the server refresh. All it would take to get this started would be you informing us that you need help outside their MSP contract.

Our help desk team is headquartered in San Diego and staffed with full-time employees of Xceptional. At times, we may leverage tried and true expert consultants for highly specific tasks, but you can rest assured that our core team consists of Xceptional employees.

Xceptional employs a team of tier 1, 2, and 3 engineers dedicated to reactive and proactive service tickets. Additionally, we leverage architect-level engineers that specialize in network, servers, storage, and collaboration for design consulting and specialized escalations.

Our on-boarding process is customized to your specific environment and factors and includes the following:

  • An extensive discovery and documentation review process
  • Validation and creation of documentation needed to support your environment
  • On-boarding of asset tracking and license management
  • A dedicated project manager and technical lead

A typical onboarding process takes about 30 days, although this varies depending on the scope of services provided and the size and complexity of your environment.

During the onboarding process, your project manager will discuss your options for handling requests that come in outside your contracted Period of Maintenance (POM). Xceptional has engineers available around the clock to respond to time-sensitive or emergency issues.

During your contracted Period of Maintenance, you can submit unlimited requests for assistance for items within the scope of your contract. You are not billed by number of requests, phone calls, or emails. The only time you will be billed is if you require assistance outside of your contracted POM, or request assistance that is not covered under the scope of your managed services contract.

An example would be if you need help with your phone system and are only contracted for network support. We can help, and this assistance would be billed at the contracted discount rate.

We LOVE working with our client’s IT departments! We can function either as a totally outsourced IT model or as an extension of your current staff. Either way, you have access to a bench of dedicated engineers with expertise in all areas of IT.

Our clients benefit from our extensive experience – if you are encountering a problem, chances are we’ve seen it before and can help you find the most efficient (and budget sensitive) solution.

The short answer: most of them! Whether you are an SMB that is just starting to build your technology strategy, an organization that is unhappy with your current provider, or a large business that needs to outsource a specialized portion of your IT management, Xceptional can build a plan that works for you.

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About Xceptional

Xceptional was founded in 2007 under the direction and leadership of Chris McKewon, Chief Architect and CEO. At Xceptional, strong engineering and product knowledge, vendor relationships, consulting, and managed services are geared to SMB and Enterprise companies across a broad cross-section of verticals. Our team works hard to establish “Trusted Advisor” relationships with its clients, and to implement turnkey collaborative solutions addressing a client’s total needs.