Xceptional — We Set You Free

Xceptional harnesses the power of technology to connect people. We understand how technology is often dynamic. That makes Xceptional your ideal partner to navigate this ever-changing landscape. We are also passionate about making your business the best it can be by enabling commerce, storage, transactions, interactions, meetings and communications, all operate more smoothly and efficiently.

Xceptional offers reliable, easy-to-use solutions to drive your business strategy. We leverage our six areas of specialization to best serve you and your organization:

XceptionalNetworks — Unleash Your Potential with Network Services

XceptionalNetworks provides your business with seamless, secure, scalable and reliable network technology that meets the needs of any size organization. Our business critical approach supports the ongoing work, growth and success of your entire organization.

XceptionalNetworks provides all the business critical software, hardware, applications and management services so your people can access and work over your network from any device, from anywhere, at anytime.

XceptionalNetworks team’s deep expertise has you covered end-to-end. We architect and deploy Intranets, Extranets, remote access, Wi-Fi, wired, bordered and borderless networking. We design and manage your data center, storage system and all the rest of the necessary infrastructure your business needs.

XceptionalConnect — Bringing It All Together

With XceptionalConnect you and your company can communicate with anyone from anywhere, at anytime.

XceptionalConnect controls all of your communications through integrated voice, video, messaging, web and mobile solutions. Xceptional leverages the latest in Unified Communications, seamlessly enabling global communication and collaboration between your team members and the people they work and communicate.

XceptionalCloud — Re-imagine the Cloud

XceptionalCloud offers a broad array of strategic cloud-based data center solutions that increase your business agility while reducing costs. Our approach takes full advantage of end-to-end architectural framework, improving storage efficiency, backup/recovery solutions and scalable virtualization.

XceptionalCloud also affords your business flexibility in cost savings, controls and management to meet ever-changing needs. Our XceptionalCloud solution provides public, private and hybrid cloud storage to enable compliance with company, regulatory or client requirements for data protection, access and privacy.

XceptionalLabs — We’re Crafting New Solutions

XceptionalLabs enables rapid collaboration between our team of experienced consultants and your staff. We analyze your business cost centers to identify lost time, productivity, profits, and develop an optimal solution. We then architect an IT solution that’s right for you. We support your entire organization, from C-suite to the front desk, and the back-office, making sure that both the technology and business goals are met.

XceptionalLabs brings an “out of the box” consultative approach that ensures client success across a variety of disciplines ranging from training, network and systems design, to deployment planning and technology adoption. Our consultants have the knowledge, talent and experience to provide necessary strategic analysis,existing environment assessment, staff development, and training that meets your business needs.

XceptionalCare — One Stop Alternative IT Solution

XceptionalCare offers any size company unlimited access to our experienced and talented staff. We provide a customized service and support model ranging from a fully outsourced solution, to completely complementing your existing IT infrastructure.

XceptionalCare’s proactive 24/7 Network Monitoring and Emergency Response services ensure a fully operational, healthy and resilient network environment that keeps your business running optimally and efficiently.

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