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Bringing It All Together

As technology continues to shape the way we communicate, your business needs a versatile, scalable, and affordable collaboration to stay competitive and connected. XceptionalConnect offers a variety of conferencing, collaboration, and connectivity solutions through unified communications to share important information over reliable and secure communications networks.

XceptionalConnect leverages the latest in Unified Communications technology to enable global communication and collaboration between team members and people with whom they work and communicate. This allows your company to communicate with anyone, from anywhere, at anytime. XceptionalConnect manages and maintains communications through integrated voice, video, messaging, web and mobile solutions that scales with your growth. This helps your organization gain and maintain greater flexibility while saving money and increasing productivity.

Let’s Talk About the Future—Now!

TelePresence and Video Solutions: No matter how far apart you and your team members are, TelePresence makes visual communications a reality. Whether you’re in the office, on the road, or across the globe, you’re able to connect and see clients, vendors and partners face-to-face.

Conferencing: Take advantage of industry-leading voice, video, and web-based conferencing technology to provide your workforce with a more compelling, productive and cost-effective conferencing experience. Meet customers, partners, and colleagues anytime, anywhere, with seamless integration between in-house communications systems and web-based collaboration platforms, XceptionalConnect uses unified communications to create a homogenous, user-friendly experience, which enables collaboration and cooperation beyond traditional borders.

Real Time Communications: The world is changing. Workers are no longer tied to their desks but are free to roam. Your communication system needs to employ state-of-the-art solutions. XceptionalConnect provides these solutions for voice and video communications on your desk, your laptop, and mobile device providing your team the ability to have their business number reachable wherever they go.

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