The IoT Put to Practical Use: From Projects to Business Models

Although the Internet of Things (IoT) is making massive strides, development of the associated technology – which, in my opinion, numbers among the most exciting IT innovations over the past few decades – is still in its early stages. We still don’t know where the IoT will take us, but analysts have yet to revise […]

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The impact on network security through encrypted protocols – TLS 1.3

This post is the second part of my series around the impact of encrypted protocols on network security. You can find the first article about HTTP/2 here: Now let us focus on the new and upcoming specification of TLS 1.3. It is important to understand what advantages TLS 1.3 brings to us, but also […]

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Measuring Your Internet Speeds

Ever wonder just how fast your Internet is? It’s easy these days to use free tools either inside the web browser, or as mobile apps, that provide you the type of data you need to ascertain what you’re getting is what you really need. At work, it’s fairly safe to think that the IT manager […]

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